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We are surrounded by toxins and other environmental damage. But we can minimize impact on the environment and the load on our body.

Together we can improve the environment. Individually you can improve the air you breathe, water you drink, foods you eat, and toxic load from things that contact your skin.

We have hand selected products that make a difference in protecting the environment and your health.

And, you can have even more impact. Every purchase from the EnviroSource Store supports the environment through the most robust environmental give-back program on the Internet.

We have 3 layers of give-back:

1) We are a member of 1% FOR THE PLANET. 1% of every purchase you make at the EnviroSource Store will go directly to an approved environmental nonprofit organization. That's 1% of our sales.

2) Many of the brands we selected offer their own give-back. For example, each LifeStraw product you purchase from us will support a child in Africa with safe drinking water for an entire school year.


3) 100% of our proceeds go back into supporting the EnviroSource Store and and our environmental causes. We have been supporting the environment since 1996. was the first environmental community and search engine on the internet starting in 1997. Our goal is to be the best source for learning about everything environmental, including information, products, and services. The EnviroSource Store, a business unit of, is our online store where purchases make a difference for the environment and your health.

We can make a difference if we act together.

We have good prices too!