A Much Better Way To Detox Or Cleanse

Everybody's talking about doing "detoxes" and "cleanses", but what does that really MEAN, anyway? And is it even a real thing?

A lot of "detoxes" focus on eliminating toxins and getting rid of wastes that are in your body.

Here's the issue with that: Your body already has a complex and amazing built-in detox system, made up of your skin, lungs, kidneys, colon, and liver.

These organs all work together to filter out toxins and waste, and then help you get rid of them by sweating, through your breath, or when you're in the bathroom.

What if the toxins in the foods you eat, the products you use on your body, or the chemicals in your environment start to overload your detox system, putting a lot of stress on it?... 

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